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DT Spare Parts 5.20041 ABS ring d: 169 mm


DT Spare Parts 5.20041 ABS ring d: 169 mm

Cross References

SAMPA 50.291
SAMPA 50291
AUGER 56910
DAF 1657638
DAF 1805824
FAG 434057910
Europart 6000032391
ST-TEMPLIN 31300285510
DT Spare Parts 4057800000000
ST-TEMPLIN 03.130.0285.510
PE Automotive 106.207-20A
PE Automotive 10620720A
DT Spare Parts IT0609D05824

Suits the following applications

DAF XF XF E6 2012-
DAF XF XF F7 2017-
DAF XF XF G2 2021-
DAF LF LF E6 2013-
DAF CF CF E6 2013-2017
DAF CF CF F7 2017-
DAF CF CF 85 2001-2006
DAF CF CF 85IV 2006-2013
DAF CF CF 75 2001-2006
DAF CF CF 75IV 2006-2013
DAF CF CF 65II 2001-2006
DAF CF CF 65IV 2006-2013
DAF CF CF 65 2001-2006
DAF XG XG G3 2021-
DAF XF XF 105 2005-
DAF XF XF 95 2002-2006
DAF LF LF 55 2001-2006
DAF LF LF 55IV 2006-2013

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