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DT Spare Parts 6.61931 ABS ring d: 180 mm


DT Spare Parts 6.61931 ABS ring d: 180 mm

Cross References

SAMPA 78.492
SAMPA 78492
RENAULT 5000671681
DT Spare Parts 4057800000000

Suits the following applications

Renault G / Manager G
Renault Magnum AE Magnum
Renault Magnum AE
Renault Kerax Kerax
Renault G / Manager Manager
Renault Midliner M
Renault Midliner CE
Renault Maxter Maxter
Renault Magnum Magnum E-Tech
Renault C / CBH / CLM / CLR C
Renault Midliner SE
Renault Midliner S
Renault Midliner ME
Renault Premium Premium TR
Renault Puncher Puncher
Renault Premium Premium
Renault Premium Premium PR
Sisu Sisu / Renault Sisu / Renault
Renault R / Major Major
Renault R / Major R

DT Spares Brand

The DT Spare Parts brand provides a complete range of transport parts and accessories suitable for millions of reference numbers ? it doesn?t matter whether it?s for a truck, trailer, bus or transporter or for further applications like a car, agricultural vehicle, construction vehicle, marine or industrial applications. DT Spare Parts brand stands for transport parts and accessories of guaranteed quality, which keeps vehicles moving even under the harshest Australian conditions. A 24-month brand guarantee confirms the high level of reliability and safety of the products.